Self #452, Uyuni, Bolivia, 2003

The I Project (I as in "I am") is an exploration of the self through memory, experience, and cultural observations represented by a combination of multiple media I have created. In this interactive multimedia installation I examine my own experiences, perceptions, and cultural background. I evoke my own memories, combining sounds that I have recorded, and photographs, films and videos that I have created in different parts of the world over several years. Images, films, and sounds of childhood, family, and friends, form an integral part of the project. The work invites the viewer to question himself (his "I") about his own sense of self, its evolution, the elements (sense of space, place, home, etc) that gravitate around it, and their inter-relationships, using a mixture of images and sounds (cultural constructs).

An on-line version of the project will be posted in early 2005.

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