Moments of the Maiden

Moments of the Maiden


Sleeping like that, nude, she could not be

more pure under the linen. Sheltered

by that same abandon that offers her

prisoner in the net of her own flesh.


And the fleeting spasm of her hip

and the curve of the breast that swings

with the rocking of sleep and that appears

filled with a tepid and tacit syrup.


And the pulp of her lip that could

name a fruit with a silent voice

well its own sweetness it could state.


And that shadow of a trapped wing

that from its thigh would fly

if she were a waken maiden




Water mirrors her hard innocence

in stillness without fish nor sounds;

and the still streams copy

her knees without a stain of violence


Plunged in that easy transparency,

Sees her fruits hardly bloomed

and hardened over her soul

by pure honey and warm appearance.


As a rush of waves, softly,

each  ray of lights wishes first

to reflect her in the static current.


And the pulse prisoner within her veins

frees her murmor and she feels

at the river bank of a real river.




As in an enclosed sphere

with insufficient air,

flew a dove over her forehead

and by her sex hardly shadowed.


And by her crystal abdomen curved

like the glass of a lamp- hot

the oil of her blood

stood sweetly frozen of its whiteness.


Her clear roundness abolished,

under the earth on the palate of the ground,

gave their hidden syrups.


And wings and candles without the ample sky

of her blue look, dismissed

were of the air and were of her flight.

- Jorge Rojas (1911-1995)

Performed on May 5, 2005 at Loop-Line Cafe in Tokyo.

Original concept by A. Jaimes-Larrarte (developed with Satomi, Yuko, Robin, and Shin).
Dance by Satomi Akutsu and Yuko Negoro.
Live painting by Shin Nishizono.
Live music by Robin Coe.
DVD projection (photographs, super 8 mm film, video) by A. Jaimes-Larrarte.

© 1992-2005 Alejandro Jaimes-Larrarte - All Rights Reserved.
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